7 Tips for Keeping Children Safe Near Garage Doors

7 Tips For Keeping Children Safe Near Garage Doors

One of the basic tenets of garage door safety is to protect everyone who comes into contact with a door, regardless of their age bracket. However, a heightened sense of concern is always present when it comes to what’s often the most precious commodity for any family: children. Keeping them safe involves an awareness of what problems may exist when it comes to garage doors.

Listed below are seven important tips that will offer a homeowner peace of mind, especially when it comes to their own children:

Keep the Remote Out of Reach

The garage door remote can be a valued accessory for an individual, yet it can also present a potentially deadly scenario for that person. That’s because a child may simply see it as a toy to play with, a philosophy that can eventually lead to tragedy. Using it during play with other children can lead to further problems since those individuals can become potential victims of being crushed by a door. The litigation and guilt that comes with such horror stories simply isn’t worth the risk, so keep a close watch on the remote.

Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Scheduling regular garage door maintenance in this area will help limit the amount of garage door repair that might be needed. That’s something that can be vitally important when it comes to children, since inattention in this area may eventually lead to an accident involving an unsuspecting child. For example, many children can look at a garage door and see it as an amusement park ride. If a spring is worn or track is out of alignment, this activity can make the problem worse and put them at risk.

Hands Off

Children often are fascinated by seeing a garage door move up and down and feel compelled to touch the door at some point. That can lead them to having their fingers and hands pinched, which may very well lead to a trip to the local emergency room. Keeping them away from the door at all times should be a regular practice and reflects effective garage door safety.

Don’t Touch That Button

Another area of fascination can be the button that starts the process of opening and closing a garage door. Located just inside the garage, a child may again enjoy seeing the movement of the door. In order to avoid any problems, it’s best to place this at least five feet off the ground to keep smaller children from touching it.

Update or Modernize

Even before any garage door repair becomes evident, some homeowners may be wise to consider updating the system they have in place. Automatic doors that were installed after 1993 offer a measure of protection for any child that might be underneath a door as it’s coming down. The sensors in place will automatically reverse a door before touching any object or person that happens to be below, which is an improvement from previous models that only reversed after contact or not at all.

A Garage is not a Playground

Keeping the garage door shut will prevent a child or any children from entering in the first place. That eliminates the possibility of any youngster having the misfortune to be underneath an open door should a spring or cable snap at some point. Since most doors weigh roughly half a ton, the catastrophic consequences envisioned should be enough to encourage keeping it locked.

Being the Proper Role Model

This is likely the most basic tip because your child likely mirrors your actions, so if you happen to be ignoring basic rules of safety, they’ll follow suit. Following all of the above rules and making sure that as child is aware of the dangers, without exaggeration, will develop good practices on their part.

The Important Bottom Line

There’s nothing difficult to understand when it comes to garage door safety. Protecting children in this area is definitely enhanced when garage door repair is part of the picture and is handled promptly. Saving a child’s life may be the most beneficial part of such a move.

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