Garage Door Repair DeSoto, TX

DeSoto is a thriving community just south of Dallas. This suburb of Dallas is within driving distance of a lot of awesome Texas places, making it a great place to live. All Pro Door has been serving the DeSoto area for years, so if you’re a resident or business and you’re having garage door or gate trouble, we’d love to help!


All Pro Door is a fairly priced and efficient garage door and gate service company in the DFW area. We’ve worked all over DeSoto!


Residential Garage Door Services

If you own a home with a garage, you know how much of a pain it can be when you suddenly can’t use your garage door, especially if your car is stuck inside! Whether the door is damaged structurally or just needs mechanical work, we’ve got the tools and equipment with us to get it done as quickly as possible. If your opener is giving you trouble, we can set you up with a new one right away.

If you’re building a home and it’s time to schedule the garage door installation, we’re ready for that too!

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Residential Gate Repair Services

Have a gate that’s not working the way it should? If you’re suddenly having to get out of your vehicle and physically unlock and open your gate, that’s just not a good thing! Luckily, we’re pretty familiar with all the inner workings of gates, so just give us a call to come out and fix that as soon as possible.

Commercial Entry & Door Dock Services

If you’re at work and you find you can’t do your job as efficiently due to a stuck or broken entry or dock door, that’s not good for business! If you call us, we’ll come out to your DeSoto commercial business area and fix it as soon as possible, so you can get back to working at full capacity.