Garage Door Repair Grand Prairie, TX

In the last 25 years, the residents of Grand Prairie have seen their population nearly double, which has led to increased home building with garages and other amenities. Over this span of time, the prospect of Grand Prairie garage door repair has been an occasional issue for those individuals that has to be addressed.

The rapid growth the city has enjoyed has led other homeowners with different tastes or businesses requiring security to have access to Grand Prairie gate repair. In the latter case, breakdowns can makes homes or businesses vulnerable to crime or may conceivably prevent access to the property.


All Pro Door Repair has the personnel to handle those concerns and those focused on Grand Prairie overhead door repair. Both areas can result in frustration for a homeowner or business. With respect to overhead doors, it can also sometimes represent a danger due to the potential horror of the door crashing to the ground.

As noted, any Grand Prairie overhead door repair is undertaken to circumvent any possible catastrophe from taking place. However, there can also be other dangers lurking that could severely injure or disfigure an individual, or in some cases, kill them. These occur as a result of tightly-wound springs that snap with no warning.

Over the course of its time in this business, All Pro Door Repair has seen far too many people attempt Grand Prairie garage door repair on their own. The consequences of this ill-advised motivation can be life-changing, which is why we strongly recommend that those affected by such problems contact us immediately.


Whether the basis of having a gate is for aesthetics or safety reasons, any Grand Prairie gate repair that’s undertaken may be required during inconvenient hours. While some companies may be rigid in their hours of service, All Pro Door Repair knows that life doesn’t always go according to plan. That’s why we offer around-the-clock emergency service to handle those issues and ones related to garage and overhead door repair.


All Pro Door Repair offers quality work at a fair price for any garage door repair Grand Prairie and work that’s required on an overhead door or gate. With more than a decade in the business, we remain committed to total customer service.

Garage Door Repair & Installation

Most garage doors are used every, which means that at some point, garage door repair will eventually be needed. All Pro Door Repair knows that often times repairs are needed at the most inconvenient of times. Our team of professionals are available 24/7, ensuring you won’t need to wait around for the service you need. We start each job with a free estimate, based on your specific needs. From the first interaction, until the job is done, our team is always on-time, reliable, and passionate about customer satisfaction.

Automatic Entry Gate Repair & Installation

Automatic gates offer a heightened measure of protection and a sense of exclusivity. Unfortunately unless given regular maintenance unexpected problems can arise. If your gate malfunctions, it’s best to repair as soon as possible to avoid needing a replacement later on. At All Pro Door Repair, our professional technicians are trained to work with all brands of automatic gates, and we offer repair and installation services, anytime of the day! With over 15 years in the door and gate repair industry, we know the industry best practices to ensure the job is done quickly and correctly. Our team members are fully-insured and licensed, and handle your property with care. If you’re in need of automatic gate repair or installation, All Pro Door Repair is your go-to trusted local professional to get the job done.


Overhead Door and Loading Dock Repair

Loading dock doors are often used as the primary entrance and exit for supplies coming to or from your place of business each day. Often times, these large and heavy doors go unchecked until a problem arises. At All Pro Door Repair, we repair and install overhead doors and loading dock doors of all sizes. Our experts are trained to work with all industry-leading brands, and work quickly to find a solution for you. We’re fully-insured and licensed, and offer 24/7 services for when a problem may occur. Our team of friendly professionals are committed to offering quality service and customer satisfaction, and we always offer transparent pricing estimates before we begin our work.


Whether your particular issue involves an overhead or commercial door, or it’s a pressing garage door repair that’s required, contact the professionals at All Pro Door Repair.