Overhead Garage Door Repair Carrollton, TX

Carrollton, Texas has a lot to offer. It has a great downtown, it’s close to Dallas, and it’s really just a nice place to be. That’s why our technicians, installation specialists, and repairmen love going there so much. With such a beautiful city, it’s hard to add to the beauty with a garage door, but we manage to help. Our partnership with the residents of Carrollton, TX is a good one, and one we hope to continue!

We are happy to provide the city with the following services:


Garage Door Installation

Our garage doors are designed to add to the beauty of any neighborhood. More than that, you want it to work. We can handle both – garage doors are our bread and butter. W provide the traditional steel doors in a variety of styles, such as faux wood. For those looking for even greater curb appeal, we offer Carriage House Doors that lend more than a touch of style.

Garage Door Repair

As well as we know how to install doors, we know just as much about repairing them. Our team has over ten years of experience with the installation, service, and repair of garage doors. We have a large selection of parts made by some of the most important names in the Garage Door repair Carrollton industry. Imagine having your garage door fixed with the best parts by the best people. Then throw into that dream work done in a timely fashion with polite and efficient service. We make that dream a reality.

Residential Gate Repair

If our talents with garage doors aren’t enough, we also offer service and repair to residential gates, whether their electric or opened by there person who “didn’t have to do it last time.” Set up an appointment with one of our service technicians , and they will come out to see what’s going on. They will give you their assessment of what you’re working with, and suggest a best course of action.

Fence Repair & Replacement

Beyond garage doors and gates, we’re also fence repair contractors. We have the experience, tools and equipment necessary to work on both wooden and wrought iron fences. Whether it’s just a portion of your fence that needs repair or if the whole thing has seen better days, we can help.


Commercial Entry and Dock Door Installation and Repair

The businesses of Carrollton have a few needs that we can meet as well. If you have need of a new commercial entry or dock door, we’re here to help. We can install and repair any dock or overhead doors. We can also provide replacements for hardware like hinges and closers, and any other piece of the mechanism for your entry door. Whether you have a rolling steel door, a scissor gate, or any other type of commercial door or hardware, we would love to help you out!