4 Creative Ideas or Alternate Uses for Your Garage Door!

Garage doors are a familiar visual for the neighborhood, adorning homes both modern and traditional. Whether they’re dressed with a basketball hoop or left plain, People try to select the right garage door that will harmonize with their home’s aesthetic. However, it is fun to spice up those garage doors once and a while! If you’re seeking inspiration, there are plenty of fantastic DIY projects to creatively shake things up.

Create A Masterpiece

A beautiful, eye-popping mural is a popular DIY project for homeowners and their families. This idea is particularly suited for a broken garage door! If a garage door isn’t being used at all, it becomes a blank canvas with endless creative possibilities. Any leftover house paint, brushes and rollers will come in handy as well.

Using crayon or chalk, draw an outline of the mural design on the door. Once completed, mix and match whatever colors you wish! You may want to consider a wildlife scene with lush plants and animals, or a stylized design that’s bold and modern. For further inspiration, check out garage door art examples online.

Plan A Movie Night

Sized perfectly for a small movie screen, your garage door can instantly transform into a Friday night movie party! All you need is a film projector, great food, friends and your favorite movies. To view the movie better, you’ll need to cover your garage door with a white cloth drape. You can also tape large sheets of white poster board onto the door itself.

Make Your Own Broadway Stage!

With a little imagination, any working or broken garage door can transform into a fantastic make-believe world. Young children love to create pretend characters and adventures. This DIY project is perfect for families, as they can work together to turn their garage door into a Broadway set!

There are plenty of ways to create your own garage door scenery. Use cardboard or large poster board sheets to create brilliant and imaginative sets for your family plays. If there’s any unused sheets or drapes, you can create a cool interior scene on your garage door. Craft your windows out of cardboard and paint, then dress them with real fabric drapes.

Back To Basics

For an all-natural twist, you can strip the paint off your garage door, exposing that beautiful natural wood! If you’re skilled in wood carving and sculpture, you can completely re-invent your door’s design. Once you’re finished, you can add minor embellishments to enhance the wood’s gorgeous, natural aesthetic. Cover with a water-seal coating, and you’ll have a brand new garage door!

If you’d like to stick with a traditional door, or just have a new garage door installed, by your DFW Garage door repair and installation experts, All Pro Doors!

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