Automatic Gate Repair Carrollton, TX

Automatic gates are one of the first layers of security for your home or business, and they can cause real problems when they are not functioning properly. If your automatic gate isn’t working as it should, or if gate repair is needed, it helps to have a trusted name like All Pro Door Repair to handle your gate repair needs. We offer automatic gate repair and installation services in Carrollton, Texas and the surrounding DFW area.


Automatic gates come in a variety of styles, including single and dual gate varieties, sliding, or estate swing style gates. Regardless of what type of automatic gate you have, your security could be compromised when any of these models isn’t working properly. In addition, faulty electric gates could potentially be dangerous to both pedestrians and vehicles. Contact us at All Pro Door Repair to schedule a free estimate.

All Pro Door Repair has been serving the Carrollton, Texas area for decades, and we recommend keeping an eye on your automatic gate on a regular basis to ensure it is functioning properly. That way, at the first sign of trouble, any small issues can be dealt with at a much lower cost than a more involved automatic gate repair.


What can go wrong when it comes to needing automatic gate repair? Some items that can cause issues include a hinge breaking due to age or rust, or a weld needing repair. There can also be issues with the wheels on the gate, or the post could be in need of repairs or adjustment. Other issues include those related to the electric gate opening mechanism, such as an electric motor or chain needing repairs. Each of these issues can be a hassle and cause unneeded stress in your daily routine.


You can schedule convenient checkups for your automatic gate in Carrollton, TX through All Pro Door Repair. As experts in the gate repair business, we can immediately spot something that might need repairing or some type of adjustment. Regular checkups and maintenance can help prevent expensive repairs down the line.

All Pro Door Repair has been serving the Carrollton, Texas area for decades, and we know how to do the job right and at a fair price. We have plenty of parts in stock to handle your automatic gate repair issues, so make sure to contact us today!