Automatic Gate Repair Garland, TX

Automatic gates are an excellent way to add an extra layer of security to your home or business, in addition to giving your home some additional curb appeal. They can also cause issues when they are not functioning properly, such as unnecessary delays to your day. If the automatic gate at your home or business in the Garland, Texas area isn’t working correctly, or if your gate needs any type of repair, the experts at All Pro Door Repair are here to handle any of your gate repair needs. All Pro Door Repair offers automatic gate repair and installation services in Garland, TX and the entire DFW area.


All Pro Door Repair is able to repair any type of automatic gate, including the most popular styles and configurations like single and dual gate setups, sliding gates, and estate swing style gates. Each type of automatic gate offers its own benefits, but when they are not functioning properly the security of your home could be compromised. Faulty electric gates can also be dangerous to pedestrians or vehicles if they do not open or close when they should. Give us a call today at All Pro Door Repair serving Garland, TX to schedule a free estimate for automatic gate repair.

We have been serving the Garland, Texas area for many years, and we recommend regular checkups on your automatic gate to ensure it is functioning properly and safely. If you ever notice something is not working correctly or doesn’t seem right with your automatic gate, we can deal with smaller issues at a much lower cost earlier than a more comprehensive gate repair later if you defer maintenance.


There are a number of different reasons why your automatic gate may be in need of repair. Some common items that can cause issues include hinges breaking due to age or rust or a broken weld needing repair. Other issues include damaged wheels on the gate, or the posts could be in need of repairs or adjustment. There may also be problems related to the electric gate opening mechanism, including the electric motor or chain needing repairs or lubrication. Issues like this can be a hassle when they come up and cause unwanted stress and lost time in your daily routine, so it is important to get them dealt with quickly.


All Pro Door Repair recommends having scheduled regular checkups for your automatic gate in Garland, TX to keep it in excellent working condition. We are the experts when it comes to automatic gate repair, and our experienced team members are able to immediately spot something that might need repairing or may just be in need of adjustment. Regular checkups and maintenance are key to preventing expensive repairs down the line – saving you money.

Give us a call at All Pro Door Repair today! We have been serving Garland, Texas and the surrounding area for decades, and we know how to do the job right and at a fair price. We also have many automatic gate parts in stock for different manufacturers to handle your gate repair issues, so make sure to contact us today!