Companies in The Colony and Dallas/Fort Worth areas know that making a first impression with a customer is absolutely integral to establishing what they hope will be a lasting bond for years to come.

That means the commercial gate that surrounds your business needs to consistently be in proper working order. That’s not just for aesthetic value or to avoid some suspect looks, but for basic protection from potential crime.

Types of Problems

At some point, commercial gate repair becomes a necessity. It might be an issue related to automatic or electric gates, some simple gate repair or even replacement of the rolling steel is needed. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your issue, All Pro Door Repair has the technicians to handle any job within the communities of The Colony or Dallas-Fort Worth areas.
When gate repair is needed in these cases, it can be something related to replacing the aging springs on a door. Fixing that is an easy process for our technicians, but it’s often one that’s not considered by many businesses. Those companies wait until the damage is done, which can put the company’s valuables at risk.
That gate may also have fallen victim to the elements, with rust setting in on the gate track. A situation like that is something you really have no control over, just like a potential problem where a vehicle accident has damaged a gate. Regardless of the situation, our staff knows how to handle it.

Different Styles Mean Different Approaches

The experience that the All Pro Door Repair crew possesses means that they have a wide range of skills they’ve developed over the years. They know that any gate repair doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all philosophy, which means that they can adapt to whatever shape or material might be involved with a specific commercial gate repair.
Gates can be electric, which makes the handling of them a delicate situation that should only be handled by professionals. That’s because the potential for tragedy exists for anyone seeking a quick-fix solution. Our staff possesses the proper knowledge in this department, and thus can get your commercial door up and running in no time.

Maintenance as a Strategy

Some of these issues can be caught even before they surface by scheduling regular maintenance checkups. In that way, the issue can be addressed at a much lower cost and provide you peace of mind when it comes to avoiding having to deal with such problems.

Trust is a Guarantee

Choosing All Pro Door repair for your commercial gate repair needs is always the right choice and something that our customers in The Colony and Dallas-Fort Worth sections have known for years. Having been in business for more than a decade, we only use high-quality parts and make the effort to get the job done in one trip. We’re competitively priced, open on weekends and have 24-hour emergency service. Contact us online or give us a call at either 972-624-1515 or 469-384-5400.