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What Is A Loading Dock Door?

A loading dock door is a strong, secure door for the area of a business where trucks are loaded and unloaded. This is one of the most important security spots in a building, but the door must serve to protect the building and yet cannot be a barrier to the flow of cargo during the day. These requirements have led to the design of several types of dock doors, each serving a different purpose.
Our overhead door technicians repair and replace all overhead doors, parts and hardware, including:
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  • Commercial Openers
  • Springs
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  • Cables
  • Bottom Seal
We always use the highest quality parts, products, and systems that help extend the life of your commercial door and opener.

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Other Types Of Loading Dock Doors

Another possibility is the scissor door design in which bars unfold in a crisscross fashion to form a barrier. This type of door has the advantage of allowing visibility inside, and it is often used in places visible from the street or sidewalk. If necessary, security personnel and patrolling police can see what is going on inside at a glance. The scissor bars unfold into a track running along the floor, but this folds out of the way during the day. A common design for a loading dock door might be a series of steel sections rolling onto an overhead rolling mechanism. A variation on this design is the sectional overhead door in which larger panels roll upward to be stowed flat overhead. Both of these styles provide a strong door when one is needed, but the door completely disappears from the loading area to allow unimpeded entry.

Different Styles Mean Different Approaches

One of the advantages of these designs is that they make overhead dock door installation easy in existing structures. Loading docks tend to open into warehouse areas with plenty of headroom, so rolling steel or sectional overhead doors can usually be installed without making any major structural changes. In locations lacking sufficient headroom, perhaps a side panel or scissor design will work better. With any of these options, dock door installation is quick, easy and requires very little disruption to normal activity.
Many businesses have already discovered the benefits of a rolling or folding loading dock door, but they have also found that their doors must be kept in good repair to function optimally. The big advantage of this kind of security feature is that it moves out of the way when it is not needed, and a door that fails to do that must be repaired immediately.

Dock Door Repair

Dock door repair is not a DIY job. The rolling and folding mechanisms used to stow the door when not in use can be very complicated, and untrained repair attempts can result in more costly damage. Dock door repair should only be trusted to professionals, and in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, that means All Pro Door Repair. For dock door repair or periodic maintenance inspections, we have the expertise and the personnel to do the job.
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