Loading Dock Door Repair in DFW


If a secure loading dock is the backbone of your business, then making sure the door is in good working condition is key to operating as smoothly as possible. These types of doors allow for the relatively fast loading and unloading of cargo onto trucks, but when they’re worn out or under-maintained, they can also open up the business to the possibility of theft or damage.
A loading dock door that is installed right and features the highest quality systems and parts must serve two important purposes. It has to keep a building secure, and it should work efficiently so as not to act as an obstacle to daily activities. Every business is different, and because loading dock doors must meet the aforementioned requirements, there are several types of doors intended to serve various purposes.
One option out there is the scissor door model, which employs strong bars that open into an X-shape to create a blockade. The bars run on a floor track and is easily moved out of the way so that work flow is not interrupted. This design affords the advantage of visibility inside, and is regularly utilized in locations where foot traffic is fairly common. This way, law enforcement or security officers can easily see inside if there is any suspicion of trouble at the site. Another choice, a sectional overhead door, is rolled into the space atop the door frame and like the scissor design offers a formidable barricade but can also be opened and moved out of the way easily. Usually opening into warehouses featuring high ceilings, the sectional door is one that can typically be installed quickly and without the need for significant changes to the building or doorway. If overhead space is limited, the scissor style or a side panel door could be just the thing for your business. These designs can also be installed with minimum intrusion on work flow.
At All Pro Door Repair, we have been repairing and installing a wide variety of garage doors in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas region since 2001, and we have the experienced technicians necessary to handle all kinds of loading dock door repair jobs. Our team can install or fix all kinds overhead doors, hardware and components including rolling steel doors, scissor gates, bottom seal, springs, rollers and cables. Loading dock door repair is challenging work, and those who lack the training needed to do so properly risk doing more harm than good. Trust our professionals at All Pro Door Repair to take care of it for you!
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