Scissor Gate Repair & Installation

Keeping a building safe can take many forms, ranging from economical models to higher-priced versions that may be needed. When it comes to a specific business or facility door, the scissor gate can be a handy device that will offer invaluable protection.

What is a Scissor Gate?

A scissor gate is a specific design that forms a barrier whereby bars unfold in crisscross fashion. While anyone can view what is inside a building, those people are prevented from doing much more than looking.

The tight design makes it impossible for even small children to enter through it. In short, this prevents unwanted individuals from trying to enter a building when it a building is closed.
At the same time, any security at the facility or any police patrolling the area have the opportunity to look inside. Also, should ventilation be needed, this type of gate solves the problem.

Scissor Gate Installation

When it comes to scissor gate installation, the process can be both simple and quick. Unlike other types of doors, setting the gate up isn’t complicated installation or take a good deal of time.
When the scissor bars unfold, they do so in a track that runs along the floor. Once it’s time to open up for business again, the gate can be folded out of the way to allow for easy access.

Types and Reasons For a Scissor Gate

There are a number of different varieties: a single or double fixed gate may be used, or a pressure lock, portable top or bottom track. Businesses that might consider adopting this include factories, warehouses, retail outlets construction sites or schools.
This type of gate is generally used when a facility requires an inexpensive model or there is an issue with a building ceiling. There may also be a need for a gate to be portable, an option that isn’t available with other doors.

Repairs Are Not a Problem

There can come a time when scissor gate repair is necessary. When that time comes, All Pro Door Repair has the experience and manpower to get the job done.

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