Dock Door Maintenance Essentials

As you can imagine, the dock is often one of the most high-traffic areas of a commercial or industrial company. After all, this is where every product comes in and out of the organization’s facility. On top of vehicles continually coming and going, these can be heavy foot-traffic areas too. With trucks, forklifts, drivers, and warehouse staff using the docking area multiple times a day, it’s crucial to make sure it’s operating properly.

Did you know that improper maintenance can cause up to 85% of all equipment failures? On top of helping to eliminate breakages and interrupted productivity, regular dock maintenance can help in the following ways:

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

  1. Helps to Catch Problems Early on: Regular maintenance will help catch minor issues before they develop into bigger, more costly problems. More than looking for general wear and tear, the inspection also involves checking the equipment’s structural integrity. If a problem is found, proactive maintenance means you can order parts ahead of an emergency situation.
  2. Helps Reduce Monthly Energy Bills: Faulty equipment can lead to expended energy consumption and higher monthly bills. Plus, gaps in faulty doors and seals can lead to a flux in internal temperatures, which means more pressure on your company’s HVAC system.
  3. Helps Reduce Injuries at Work: Most importantly, properly maintained equipment will help to keep your staff safe by preventing injuries. If a staff member is injured, you will have a reduced workforce and have to pay workers’ compensation.

Dock Door Maintenance

While many areas within a dock need regular maintenance, your dock doors need to be a top priority when it comes to following a maintenance plan. When checking your loading dock doors, here are a few areas the professionals will look at:

  • Check Opening/Closing System: An integral part of any dock loading door, the opening and closing mechanisms need to be checked and tested to make sure they are in proper working order.
  • Check Each Door Sections: It’s important to check every door section and each panel too. Things like dents, bangs, and holes can interfere with the proper workings of the door.
  • Check Weather Seals: It’s essential to check these seals regularly since gaps, tears, or cracks in the weather seal could provide entry points for insects and rats, as well as letting out climate-controlled air.

Maintaining your dock loading doors is essential for quick and efficient warehouse operations. Plus, faulty or broken dock loading doors can lead to a whole host of problems, which can include:

  • Product damage
  • Vehicle damage
  • Loading and unloading delays
  • Injuries to staff
  • Pest infestations

What Can I Expect from a Maintenance Plan?

Instead of waiting for your equipment to fail and facing the risks that come with this, why not consider a maintenance plan? Maintenance programs generally cover five important steps:

  • Inspect: Firstly, the technicians will inspect the door carefully. With a fine-tooth comb, they will check and examine all the various areas, sections, and mechanics of your dock loading door.
  • Clean: Typically, maintenance technicians will thoroughly clean all your door’s equipment and components. This not only improves your door’s appearance, but cleaning will remove debris from key areas where it can obstruct moving parts.
  • Lubricate: A crucial step in every maintenance plan! Not only does it keep all the door’s moving parts in working order, lubrication also protects the parts against corrosion, as well as premature wear and tear.
  • Adjust: Adjusting is where dock door repairs or part replacement occurs. Technicians make any adjustments on site that will help return the equipment to a more efficient working order.
  • Documentation: A crucial final step, documenting creates a permanent record of what received attention and what was actually done. It also provides a timeline for any adjustments or repairs made over a certain period.

How All Pro Door Repairs Can Help

As we’ve covered in this post, faulty loading dock doors can impact your company’s safety and productivity. That’s why it’s crucial to hire professionals such as All Pro Door Repairs to install, repair, and maintain all dock loading doors. After all, a professionally installed and well-maintained dock door allows for better productivity, reduced energy consumption, and lowers the risk of accidents.
At All Pro Door Repairs, we have a team that’s trained and experienced in installing, servicing, and repairing commercial doors throughout the greater DFW area. On top of this, we offer exceptional service and quality workmanship you can trust.

For dock door maintenance and dock door repairs, contact the Pros today on 972-624-1515 or 469-384-5400.

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