The Danger of Pre 1993 Garage Door Openers

Learn about Safety Issues from These Older Garage Doors

Even if you’re not a garage door installer, you know that those panels, designed to withstand years of exposure while keeping your vehicles secure, are extremely heavy. While it may seem like common sense that manufacturers of garage doors would include safety features, that was not the case originally. If you own a garage door that was installed before 1993, chances are that it doesn’t possess a safety sensor that will reverse the direction of the door if something gets in the way.

Garage Doors Lacking Safety Sensors Can Cause Injury, Even Death

The value of garage door openers that come with sensors is in their ability to protect people and belongings that have unwittingly wandered or been left in the path of the closing door. In 1981, a 1-year-old toddler in Randolph, New Jersey was crushed underneath her family’s garage door when her 3-year-old brother began playing with the garage door opener. Without a safety sensor to determine an obstruction in the door’s path, the garage door did not reverse course and closed on the child.

Pre-1993 Garage Door Openers Should Be Replaced

In 1993, the Consumer Products Safety Commission instituted new laws that required garage door manufacturers to include safety sensors in all garage door openers manufactured after 1992. The new door openers included infrared sensors or edges that had built-in sensors and were capable of instantly reversing direction if interrupted or made contact with an obstruction. In order to ensure that your garage door meets safety requirements and can avoid causing injury or damage, be sure it was manufactured after 1993 and has been maintained well throughout the years. If you have a garage door that is dated before 1993, we strongly suggest that you replace it with professional help in order to ensure that your garage door is properly updated. Click the coupon below to view discounts on garage door opener installations and repair.


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