Garage Door Repair & Installation Statistics

Garage Door Repair FAQs and Statistics

Do not underestimate the importance of your garage door. Ultimately it’s a second way to enter your house. If it won’t open and you forgot the keys, you’re trapped outside. If it won’t close, you might come some unwelcome guests in the middle of the night. The next day, your car’s stolen. On top of that, a faulty garage door could cause injury to you or your family. Is it important to you now?

Check your garage thoroughly for anything that seems out of place. If it opens electronically, check the remote that opens it as well. That door separates you and your family from injury, break-ins and theft on a regular basis. Safety is a priority in your home and a broken garage door is simply too hazardous to be left hanging.

Take a look at these statistics and see how important your garage door really is.




Hopefully, you’ve learned to take garage door repair seriously. The next step is to get it fixed. You can flex your muscles and try to repair it yourself, praying that you won’t kill yourself in the process, or you could call on a professional who knows how to safely repair your garage door. The choice is yours, but I hope you know what your doing.

If you need assistance with your garage door, try All Pro Door. It’s the leading garage door repair company in the state of Texas and Texas is a place where work is done well. They’ll show you how it’s done every time.

They can even install a new door for you if you don’t have one already. With it comes a one year warranty Andrew feeling of satisfaction, knowing that you have a quality garage door that is built to last!

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