Garage Door Tune-Up: Why Bother?

Garage Door Tune Ups Why Bother

A regular garage door tune-up can help you avoid a world of pain since broken or worn-out parts can result in annoyance, delays, and safety hazards. A garage door should provide you with years of secure, protected, and convenient vehicle storage if the door and its parts are maintained properly. Not sure yet if it’s worth the bother to schedule a garage door tune-up with All Pro Door? Here’s why you should…

What do you want from your garage door?

You want a garage door that is reliable, opening and closing smoothly the very moment you push a button. You want a garage door that is thoroughly sealed and lined, controlling the temperature inside and keeping the elements where they belong – outside.  You want a garage door that functions quietly, without any shrill squeaks, obnoxious clacking, or grinding gears. You want a garage door that is secure, locking firmly and dependably, keeping the contents inside as safe as possible from theft and vandalism. And perhaps most importantly, you want a garage door that is safe, fulfilling it’s role without strained wires or worn springs endangering you or your family.

What’s so bad about a neglected garage door?

A poorly-maintained garage door will – surprise, surprise – perform poorly. A neglected garage door will suffer from faulty openers and won’t open or close smoothly, if at all. Garage doors that aren’t checked regularly are dependable…in the sense that they’ll develop electronic malfunctions. And a garage door stopping halfway up or down can often be the least of your worries; broken or worn parts can result in injury or even death. And we’re not joking or exaggerating, garage door cables can cut like a knife if not maintained properly and if a garage door door free falls down a track it’s heavy enough to crush someone. For all these reasons and more, inspecting and repairing your garage door regularly is in your best interest.

What’s included in a garage door tune-up?

When you schedule a garage door tune-up, you can expect the techs to review the entire door, its parts, and its performance thoroughly, going through all the checks and then some. They’ll check for issues like broken or worn springs, broken or off-track cables, broken hinges, roller replacement, bent or damaged door panels and sections. Garage door springs, cables, rollers, drums, hinges, tracks, seals, trim, etc. will be traded in for shiny new parts, and broken or lost remotes will be replaced. Any complaints or requests that you have regarding your garage door can be brought up and the tech will use their expertise to provide you with the perfect solutions.

Schedule Regular Garage Door Tune-Ups

You can enjoy all the benefits and none of the problems when you set up a garage door tune-up and maintenance schedule with All Pro Door Repair. We will arrive promptly as scheduled, inspect all parts and fix or replace anything that’s broken or worn down. Our techs are highly skilled and our prices are fair. Make sure your garage door provides you with years of secure, protected, and convenient vehicle storage – contact All Pro Door and schedule your garage door tune-up!

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