Life in a Gated Community


If you’re considering moving to a gated community you’re probably also considering what life might be like dealing with an automated security gate. From buzzing in visitors to waiting for gate repairs, living in a gated community has a lot of pros and cons to consider and All Pro Door Repair has listed them all! Lets start with the pros…

7 Advantages of Gated Communities

  1. Slower Vehicle Speeds. It’s a common problem – vehicles turning from busy main roads into quiet neighborhood roads often drive too fast or recklessly, making it unsafe for children and hazardous for drivers backing out from driveways. A gated community requires drivers to stop before entering, which gives them a moment to become aware of the environment and reset their speed baseline to one more appropriate for residential streets.
  2. Higher Security & Control. Obviously a security gate at the entrance to a community will present a greater deterrent to thieves and vandals. Even if a vehicle could potentially crash through, the mere presence of a security gate is enough to deter theft since burglars prefer to go for easier targets. Just be sure that before moving in the community management has a gate repair and maintenance plan to ensure that the security of the community isn’t compromised.
  3. Greater safety for pedestrians. Because of higher security levels and lower vehicle speeds, a gated community is a much safer environment for carefree children, joggers, dog walkers…really anyone who values being able to walk near a road without worrying they’ll end up as roadkill.
  4. Greater sense of community. A common characteristic of gated neighborhoods is their sense of community. Because the comings and goings in a gated community are controlled, members have a greater awareness of who belongs and who is a stranger, resulting in greater freedom to trust and enjoy familiarity with fellow inhabitants. Block parties, community yard sales, street sports, and other friendly events are common occurrences within gated neighborhoods.
  5. Higher property values. Due to HOA, building codes, and exclusivity due to limited space, gated communities often have higher property values than non-gated neighborhoods. While that means the homes and rental properties in gated communities are regularly more expensive, it also means that the property values will increase.
  6. Controlled access. Since visitors need a code or a friend to grant entry, there is a much more accurate record of who came and went. Many gated communities also include a security camera or security guard at the entrance to record the license plate numbers while the driver waits for the gate to open. Because of the controlled entry and exit, gated communities enjoy less unwanted traffic and greater awareness of who has come and gone from their neighborhood.
  7. Solicitation is discouraged and blocked. One of the greatest pleasures of living in a gated community is that you don’t have to let anyone in that you don’t know, and that means no more solicitation! You won’t ever have to worry that when the doorbell rings a pushy salesman or marketing survey is waiting for you on the other side of the door.

5 Disadvantages of Gated Communities:

  1. Property is often more expensive. As we mentioned above, while the HOA, building codes, and exclusivity contribute to stable and increasing property value, they often result in more expensive properties within the gated community.
  2. Community fees may be required. The advantages of gated community living can come at a price – HOA and other charges are often required contributions to cover security guards, landscaping services, road maintenance, gate repair, etc.
  3. Entry only with permission. While some gated communities allow easy access during daylight hours, most require visitors to call in and wait for their friend to grant them access. This can result in irritation from the more impatient types.
  4. Traffic buildup at busy times. Controlled entry can result in traffic outside the entrance during peak travel times. Traffic buildup is irritating for visiting and residential drivers since the lineup to gain entry is the same for both types of traffic. That being said, many members have a button or sensor that will open the gate to let anyone in front through, keeping their own waiting time to a minimum.
  5. Broken gates causing problems. One of the most common reasons there is a security breach or traffic buildup is due to a broken gate. Gate repair can happen quickly and affordably if the community management is prompt in responding to automatic gate failure by calling in a professional gate repair team.

Gate Repair Service for Gated Communities

Gated communities function best when the entrance gates work the way they’re supposed to – responsively and fast. A dependable gate can afford community members a lot of advantages and few disadvantages when they’re properly maintained. All Pro Door offers a gate repair and maintenance plan for gated communities, so if you’re a community manager seeking assistance with your entrance gate (or if you’re a member of a gated community and you’re tired of waiting for the management to fix a broken gate), we have the expertise and efficiency to get the job done fast and affordably.

Contact All Pro Door for your gate repair needs and we’ll see to it that your security gates are always an advantage to living in your gated community!

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