How To Prevent Bugs From Entering Your Garage

It really doesn’t matter what time of year it is, bugs will often seek the refuge of a garage when it’s convenient. Warmer weather might mean the presence of some moisture buildup, while colder weather might simply be an attempt to beat more frigid temperatures. The bottom line is that keeping them out on a regular basis is the best course of action to take in these circumstances.

In some instances, such invasions may point toward a need for garage door repair. Other factors may be connected to simple housekeeping issues, with both aspects eventually leading to a decision that takes a proactive approach when it comes to sealing the door properly. That could mean an enhancement of that door through the installation of a garage door threshold seal.

Listed below are some important tips in making sure that bugs remain out of your garage:

Seal All Food

The idea of putting food in the garage can seem odd to some people, but space considerations in kitchen cabinets can often make this a reality. While the icy conditions that can come in winter may at least temporarily serve as a haven for cold items, most people prefer to place non-perishable items in these surroundings. Pet food can also be placed in these areas.

What type of food is in there doesn’t matter to bugs, but the homeowner has to make sure that such items are properly sealed. Otherwise, it can serve as a popular haven for any hungry bugs, who can then breed more while in there. Nipping this in the bud can be accomplished by making sure all such items are not open to entry.

Keep the Surroundings Dry

Open garage doors can mean that rains find their way into this area, which is why most people make a concerted effort to close them. However, those same people may sometimes neglect to remove standing water from such things as any number of containers, a garbage can lid or a planter.

Such inattention is a calling card to mosquitoes that can be a scourge in warm weather, who can also be lured by those garages that happen to have a water heater in them. While being vigilant in quickly addressing any damp, wet spots or the aforementioned standing water can be aggravating, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that such problems won’t develop.

Have Defensive Options in Place

It can appear obvious to suggest that making another proactive in place things like spraying insecticide on both sides of your baseboards. The same holds true in the placement of things like ant traps near the outside. Yet such a small investment can avoid a costly call to remove these pests.

Check the Walls

Bugs will look for any way to enter a garage, even if the door is closed. One sneaky way that they can gain entry is when walls have even a small crack or hole in them. That, of course, leads to a parade of these aggravating menaces using the same access point, which only results in headaches for a homeowner.

Checking these areas out can spot both trouble spots and ones that are close to reaching that point. The cure for this problem is to break out a caulking gun and filling in any segments that fit this category. Again, the cost of a tube of caulk is miniscule to dealing with an infestation that has to be tackled by an exterminator.

Seal Things Up

You may feel that since you already do all of the above items and more, you’re set. However, if there happens to be even the smallest entry point at the bottom, all of that effort can go for naught. That’s because without a garage door threshold seal in place, water and other bug lures can enter.

This type of seal serves as a protective cover that completes the job and lets you go on with your life. You can buy these in the store, but applying it to the bottom of the door has to be done correctly or you’re just wasting your money. That’s why many choose to have a professional install it.

The Best Option

The good news is that when you need your threshold seal replaced or installed or need any other sort of garage door repair or installation, the place to contact is All Pro Door Repair. We’ve been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth community since 2001 and offer professional service at a competitive price. So when the time arrives that you need our assistance, contact us!

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