How to Program a Genie Garage Door Opener

How To Program A Genie Garage Door Opener

The choice of a Genie garage door opener, whether you happen to be using a remote or are working with a keypad, shouldn’t serve as a stiff challenge to overcome. However, knowing exactly how to undertake this process can result in some confusion. That’s why the information below will help alleviate the problem.

Information on one of the particular models will be available in the owner’s manual that’s provided. Unfortunately, problems can develop because this manual isn’t always readily available, which can sometimes occur if the device needs to be reprogrammed in the wake of a power failure or other emergency situation.

The Easy Process

The model will have a button that will clearly say Learn Code on it. This will require you to remove the lens cover on the motor in the area of the light bulb. Once the button is pressed, the LED light will start rapidly blinking for a maximum of 30 seconds. That will stop after you press the particular remote button that needs to be programmed.

During these steps, it’s important to make sure to put the remote no closer than two feet away, which will allow for coding of the particular frequency into the remote. Breaching that minimum range will prevent the device from being properly programmed, thereby dragging out the process unnecessarily.

Safety Concerns

During the course of this process, it’s imperative that other individuals be kept away from the area, something that’s especially true when it comes to children, given the possibility of severe injury or even death from a door malfunction. In the event that additional doors need to be programmed, simply following the same steps for each door will take care of the issue.

Model Varieties

The Genie garage door opener is set up to work on all of the company’s different models. That may involve either of the 140V DC Belt/Chain Drive models that make up the IntelliG of ReliaG Pro Series, which include the 3024, 4024 and 3020 options. When it comes to the 140V DC Screw Belt Drive, that can boil down to considerations like the 3064 or 4064 models.

The Best Decision

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