How to Replace Your Garage Door’s Weatherstrip in 8 Steps

As with all types of garage door repair, most people wonder if they can do it themselves, or if they should seek the help of garage door professionals. The age and condition of the garage door opener will affect how complicated it is to replace the weatherstripping.


Learn How to Replace Your Garage Door Weatherstripping

#1: Disengage the door opener from the door.

Do not attempt any garage door repair while the opener is engaged with the door.

#2: If necessary, pry open the weatherstripping channel.

Use a screwdriver to open the channel until you can slide the weatherstripping out. On some doors, the bottom fixture may cover the end of the weatherstripping channel. If this occurs, you should seek the assistance of a garage door professional to remove the bottom fixture.

#3: Remove the old weatherstripping.

Slide the weatherstripping out between the grooves. If the weatherstripping won’t slide out, you may need to cut it in half lengthwise.

#4: Make sure that the grooves are straight.

Often, normal wear and tear will take the grooves out of alignment. They must be straightened before installing the new weatherstripping.

#5: Insert the new weatherstripping.

Fold the weatherstripping lengthwise into a U-shape. Insert both sides of the U-shape into both grooves simultaneously. Hold the weatherstripping about a foot from the door and slide it in slowly, maintaining the U-shape. If the weatherstripping won’t go in all the way, remove it and clean the grooves with a household cleaner or degreaser.

#6: Finish the first end.

Slide the weatherstripping in the grooves until one side extends about three inches past the edge of the door. Mark the weatherstripping where it reaches the end of the door, then fold the end back, tucking it smoothly into the U-shape so that it’s flush with the edge of the door.

#7: Finish the second end.

Cut the weatherstripping about three inches past the door and fold the end into the U-shape. Note that when ordering your weatherstripping, you should order it 6-8 inches longer than the width of your door.

#8: Check and adjust the door opener limits.

Now that you have installed your weather stripping, re-engage the garage door opener. Open the door to make sure that it opens all the way, then close the door to make sure that it closes with no gap under the door. If the door won’t close properly, you must adjust the down limit.

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