How to Reprogram a Garage Door Opener

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The convenience and ease of using a garage door opener can be compromised if it’s not working or it needs to be reprogrammed. In the latter instance, needing to reprogram a garage door opener can often be connected to either batteries wearing out or in the aftermath of a power failure that’s lasted for an extended period of time.

A Variety of Concerns

Regardless of the reason, different brands will have different instructions, something that can sometimes cause headaches for a homeowner. In some instances, your code will automatically be deleted because of the aforementioned power issues, while other situations will require you to delete the code before you begin the reprogramming aspect.

Below are tips on brands that All Pro Door Repair handles:


To reprogram a garage door opener, input the numbers three, five and seven before pressing the Prog button, a sequence that should be performed quickly. This will access the programming code for the garage door opener, with a three-to-eight digit PIN number then chosen before once again pressing the Prog button.

Liftmaster, Amarr and Linear

After pressing the Learn button, you’ll have 30 seconds to enter a four-digit PIN number. Pressing and holding the Enter button until lights begin to blink will mean the new number has been learned.

Chamberlain, C.H.I. and Windsor

Pressing and holding the Learn button will result in the LED light to go out after about six seconds. From there, press the Learn button and then press and hold the chosen button for three seconds. The latter step should be done within a 30-second span from the first.

Sears Craftsman

Choose a four-digit PIN number before then pressing and holding both the Enter, Light and Push buttons. Once lights are seen blinking, the opener has been reprogrammed.

Door Link and Mid America

These brands effectively follow the same steps as those above, which means that the process should be relatively brief before your remote is again in working operation.

The Best Source for Assistance

In the event that you’re continuing to have problems with your garage door opener, one of the easiest ways to address any issues is to have someone from All Pro Door Repair handle it. They’ve been rigorously trained on all aspects of both garage door installation and repair and will be able to quickly handle something that’s connected to knowing how to reprogram a garage door opener. Contact us today for any concern that’s developed.

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