Is It Safe to Repair a Garage Door Yourself?

repair garage door

Having a garage for a homeowner or business is something to embrace, given the protection it offers vehicles and the storage opportunities it presents. Among the many facets that make up this structure are the doors that represent the chance to stop things like unwanted intrusions and the impact of inclement weather.

At some point, garage door repair will be needed, often because of simple wear-and-tear, though unexpected situations like inadvertent accidents can also serve as the culprit. In some cases, whether due to the perceived confidence possessed by that garage owner or the economics involved, the repair is handled by that individual.

While the costs involved will certainly drop, there are very pertinent reasons why that might not be the best course of action. Below are some of the potential drawbacks:

Lack of Proper Training

Professionals who perform garage door repair have undergone the sort of rigorous training in this area that allows them to quickly go about their business. With that requisite experience in place, they know the proper procedures in all areas of such repair, which includes the correct protocols and safety procedures.

Only in the rarest of situations is the homeowner with garage door trouble capable of tackling this type of issue. Replacing damaged or broken parts might seem to be very easy, yet even those professionals know that such work is a learned skill that needs to be respected.

Not Having the Tools of the Trade

Certain garage door problems demand equipment that most homeowners presumably don’t possess. That conundrum results in situations where DIY fixers attempt to repair their garage door in a makeshift manner. That’s the sort of approach that can lead to disaster.

When it comes to obtaining some parts, stores selling such items will likely either prevent or make difficult the opportunity for a homeowner to buy them. That’s because the potential risk of a handyman suffering a serious or even fatal injury opens up that establishment to potential litigation.

Possibly Making Things Worse

Choosing to forge ahead with repairing a garage door is based on the idea that once the homeowner or handyman performs the work, it will work like clockwork. That’s especially true when the repair is seen as an easy job that doesn’t need to result in paying money to licensed technicians.

The problem is that without having the full scope of knowledge about all areas of repair, the homeowner or handyman could potentially make things worse. That means what would have been a small bill for services rendered turns into a costly mistake that will end up being a continuing source of aggravation.

The Time Issue

The value of time is such that every minute that’s spent not enjoying life is something that can never be recaptured. Repairing a garage door can be an all-consuming process that may eat away an entire weekend or serve as an extended project that gives off the impression of something that will seemingly never end.

Contacting professionals that handle such repairs on a daily basis magically gives the homeowner back that time. That allows for a more fulfilling existence and the peace of mind in knowing that the job is being done right.

Clear and Present Dangers

By far, the most important reason why repairing your garage door on your own should be avoided is because of the risk to your health or others. Fixing a garage door spring is often seen as a simple fix, yet one mistake can leave a person disfigured or severely injured, resulting in steep medical bills.

An even more horrific scenario involves the door itself. The person performing repair will likely have to use a ladder to reach certain levels, which could make them vulnerable to a dangerous fall. Even worse is having the door collapse on them or anyone unfortunate enough to be underneath, since the sheer weight is enough to be fatal to any victim.

Avoiding the Hassle

The good news is that All Pro Door Repair has the garage door repair staff to address whatever issue you’re having. The Dallas-Fort Worth community has come to trust the work performed by our highly-trained staff, having been loyal customers since we first opened our doors in 2001.

So if you need any repair on your garage door, contact us at by filling out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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