Apartment Complex Gate Repair Services in DFW


Apartment Complex Gate Repair

From McKinney to Dallas, All Pro Door Repair has seen it all when it comes to broken apartment complex gates. We’ve fixed gates that are twisted and bent, forced aside or under by drunk drivers. We’ve cleaned and replaced parts that suffered from years of rust and increasing wear and tear. And of course we’ve repaired gates that have been jammed open by crazy people who couldn’t figure out how to activate the sensors or dial in an entry code. We have experience with apartment complex’s automatic gate repair and we’re telling you now…we can fix it all!

Apartment Complex Gate Services

Property owners and managers – we get it, you’ve got a lot on your plate. A broken apartment complex gate a serious concern for you because it detracts from the apartment tenants’ living experience and compromises security. You don’t want your tenants calling in to complain they can’t get in or out smoothly, and you certainly don’t want any shady individuals entering the complex unchecked.
When you call us with an apartment complex gate repair request, we respond with our best techs, on the same day, and complete the job affordably and fast. We’ll pull up, assess the problem, and get straight to replacing, straightening, calibrating, greasing, etc. and before you know it the gate will be working perfectly and calls from angry tenants will be avoided.

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Apartment Complex Gate Management

We also offer an Apartment Complex Gate Maintenance plan, allowing owners and managers the luxury of never worrying about the condition and function of the complex’s entry gates. All Pro Door techs with conduct regular inspections, keeping parts up to date, chains on track, and gears greased, ensuring that the complex gates always run smoothly and quickly.

Enlist The Expertise Of All Pro Door

A broken apartment complex gate might seem like a problem, but don’t worry, All Pro techs will turn the problem into an opportunity to leave the entry gates even better than they were before! We’ll complete the apartment complex gate repair quickly, discreetly, and affordable, so contact us today if your gates need fixing!

What Customers Say About Us

Craig and the team at All Pro Door are all about customer service and have decades of experience with commercial door installation and repair. Great Company.

    Richard C.

    Dallas-Fort Worth

    They are very professional and willing to work with you. High quality work for residential needs and commercial jobs as well. I would recommend them to someone who wants to get the job done correctly.

      Daniel C.

      Dallas-Fort Worth

      When I call they are always courteous and they are prompt in sending someone out to fix the gate. Their work is excellent. Dean has always been honest with me and I appreciate his work.

        Donna K.

        Dallas-Fort Worth

        Craig was very responsive and came out immediately to fix the springs on the door. I would definitely use All Pro Door again.

          Traci I.

          Dallas-Fort Worth

          I have used All Pro in the past and have referred them to friends and neighbors. I can speak from my experience and for the ones I referred that they they do take care of their customers and offer a fair price.

            Shelby N.

            Dallas-Fort Worth