Genie Garage Door Openers in DFW

Choosing among the different Genie garage door openers, since eight different options exist within three different types of motors. That type of versatility can fit the particular needs of a user, whether that relates to the speed of the door opening and closing, the noise that ends up coming from the opener or the power and durability that it offers.
While Genie has been an iconic name within the garage door opener sector, the company does recommend that any openers that were manufactured before 1993 be replaced. That’s because the additional safety factors that come with that type of change can offer a welcome peace of mind.


The Genie 4064 and 3064 models offer a 140V DC Screw Belt Drive motor, with the 4064’s providing a slightly larger motor that moves at a rate of two inches per second faster per second. These both offer a design that guarantees soft starts and stops as well as lifetime warranties on the motor/screw drive rail.
Among the other features that each of these models possesses is lighting with motion detector sensors. They’re also compatible with both a battery backup and the Aladdin Connect smart device that allows you to control your garage door through your phone.


The Genie 4024 and 3024 models are different by virtue of their 140V DC Belt/Chain Drive motor. The 4024 has some slight differences in that it also has the motion detector sensor for lighting, in contrast to the 3024, which doesn’t. Also, the door speed of both is slightly slower than the screw belt options.


With respect to the Genie 3020 model, this 140V DC Belt/Chain Drive has some distinct differences from the 4024 and 3024. For one thing, the light bulbs used have a lower wattage and instead of a lifetime warranty, the 3020 offers 15 years of limited protection for the motor. However, it’s known for its rugged durability.

In the case of the Genie 2028 and 1028 models, each only offer one light bulb with the lower wattage, while the 2028’s warranty lasts 10 years, opposed to the 1028’s five years of protection. Both of these serve as value-based models that come with Intellicode Security.

The lone AC motor available is the 2568 140V AC Screw Drive model. This is designed in much the same manner as the 3020, with its reliability and strength being its most prominent calling cards.


For any further product details on any of the above Genie garage door openers, feel free to contact All Pro Door Repair.