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At All Pro Door Repair, we specialize in installing and maintaining high-quality and load-tested equipment that lasts. Our experience & know-how has been serving both commercial and residential customers in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 20 years.

We offer installs and repairs for garage doors, automatic gates, storefront doors, and much more.


We have maintenance plans available for both commercial and residential customers.


If your door is damaged, making noise or simply not working, we use top rated parts to get it back in shape.


We install quality garage doors, openers, and storefront entries.


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The Importance of Maintenance

The operating system of a garage door is one thing you shouldn’t neglect. Although easily overlooked, it’s used more often than not and plays a vital role in the safety of your home and family.
Moreover, the garage door repair services at your home is the most significant moving part of a house. Therefore, having a faulty garage door poses a substantial risk to the safety of your household members, especially children and pets.
Thankfully, our well-trained and experienced technicians are here to save the day by providing you with top-notch garage door maintenance services. Whether your garage door makes squeaking noises or doesn’t open/close with ease, our team of experts is sure to offer a quick fix to these, preventing subsequent damage.

Maintenance Services

Why Us?

Four Reasons Not to Skip Maintenance

Garage doors act as a safety barrier in our individual homes. However, failure to maintain them may lead literally open the door to hazards and danger. Highlighted below are four primary reasons you shouldn’t avoid regular maintenance of your garage door.


Skipping maintenance turns garage doors into a potential hazard to you and your family. This becomes more baffling when you consider the number of people injured in garage door accidents every year. Your vehicles are also not spared as a defective garage door could severely impact them following a free fall.


Understandably, most people would want to cut down on expenses. However, avoiding periodic garage door maintenance services can turn minor fixable issues into more severe ones that require a costlier fix or even replacement. This is because most problems slowly degrade and worsen over time.


You can always rest assured that your valuable personal items are safe and well secured when carrying out proper garage door maintenance. This is particularly essential for those with their garages linked to their homes since intruders can easily access your personal areas via a faulty garage door.

Curb Appeal

Reports have it that curb appeal boosts your home value by as much as 7%. However, you don’t necessarily have to replace your garage door to improve your home’s visual attractiveness. Regular maintenance services, coupled with a decent paint job, could do the trick.

We Can Fix It

Whether your garage door or gate suffers from prolonged wear & tear or accidental damage, All Pro can fix it. We provide you with clear estimates and let you know exactly what it will take to restore full functionality. 

Repair Services

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Signs You Need a New Garage Door or Gate

A garage door is much more than just an opening to the garage. It provides curb appeal, utility and increases your home value. However, you can only enjoy these features if you adhere to timely maintenance services.
In a case where you notice any of the following signs, it could be just time to order a new garage door.

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What to Consider When Purchasing a New Door or Gate

Having decided to opt for a new garage door, it’s equally important to consider some factors before purchasing one. Here are some of the essential things to look out for before settling for a new garage door.


There are many various types of garage doors in the market. Do you seek a rustic or modern look? Are you a sucker for numerous windows that aid natural lighting, or do you want 100% privacy at all times? While you may want to go for the perfect option that ticks all the boxes, it’s equally important to opt for quality to avoid future risks.

Steel garage doors with a baked-on primer and polyester topcoat are the best options for optimal protection from rust.  It’s also essential to select those with a high R-value for increased savings on energy bills.


Garage doors today are rapidly progressing; new functions are coming up. It’s a global age, so follow the trend and get a garage door with up-to-date technological installments. For example, you can opt for garage doors that feature a smartphone-enabled remote control for a more efficient operation.
What’s more, some of these send notifications to your phone when your garage door is left open, with the option to remotely close it from your phone, further aiding security. Some also allow you to enable a prescheduled opening and closing at preset times, allowing you to focus on other pressing issues.


It would be a waste to spend so much on a door/gate and have it break down some months later. Hence, it’s crucial to invest in a garage door that offers a good warranty.

Although steel garage doors are praised for being one of the best options, their warranty sits at ten years in most cases. Factory-made wood garage doors offer a one-year warranty and up to a 15-year warranty for custom options.


Opting for a garage door with safety sensors may be highly beneficial if your garage is a high-traffic area or for those that have children or pets. Upon detecting an object or motion in the door’s path while closing, it either stops or reverses direction.

Newer garage door models and openers feature an infrared motion detector for a more efficient auto-reverse function. Another feature that can enhance your garage door’s safety is the mechanical release option. This provides an opportunity to bypass your door’s motor in cases where there’s a power outage.


Cost may not be the only factor in choosing your garage door, but it will rank at the top of the list. While you might want to opt for the ideal option that meets your requirement, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to get a suitable garage door.
Specific factors that might influence the price of a garage door include its mode of operation, the material employed in its manufacture, degree of insulation, etc. Overall, it’s crucial you consult with a specialist for the best advice before shelling out money on a new garage door.


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Craig and the team at All Pro Door are all about customer service and have decades of experience with commercial door installation and repair. Great Company.

    Richard C.

    Dallas-Fort Worth

    They are very professional and willing to work with you. High quality work for residential needs and commercial jobs as well. I would recommend them to someone who wants to get the job done correctly.

      Daniel C.

      Dallas-Fort Worth

      When I call they are always courteous and they are prompt in sending someone out to fix the gate. Their work is excellent. Dean has always been honest with me and I appreciate his work.

        Donna K.

        Dallas-Fort Worth

        Craig was very responsive and came out immediately to fix the springs on the door. I would definitely use All Pro Door again.

          Traci I.

          Dallas-Fort Worth

          I have used All Pro in the past and have referred them to friends and neighbors. I can speak from my experience and for the ones I referred that they they do take care of their customers and offer a fair price.

            Shelby N.

            Dallas-Fort Worth