Why Is My Garage Door Opening On Its Own?

Why Is My Garage Door Opening On Its Own

The concept behind a garage door opener is that one press of a button will open and close the door, helping reduce the stress, strain and otherwise inconvenient task of manually performing this job. However, there can be seemingly odd instances in which a door will open on its own, without any interaction from the owner of the structure.

This phenomenon is known as phantom operation and needs to be addressed through garage door repair. The reasons are obvious since safety concerns towards individuals and the vulnerability of thieves potentially gaining access to your home are too much to simply put off that repair. Listed below are some of the reasons that this issue might be taking place.

Aging Batteries

One of the more basic problems that results can be connected to something as simple as the status of the batteries inside the remote. While we’d all like such batteries to last forever, the reality is that they’ll eventually wear out and could cause issues such as involuntary door openings.

In many cases, a trip to a local home improvement store may be able to handle this in a simple fashion. However, there can be instances where such places lack a specific option, which means contacting a company that regularly handles garage door issues.

Buttons Sticking

The age of the garage door opener could also be the indirect cause of an issue. This problem develops when the button on the remote or on the garage wall begins sticking or is otherwise difficult to use. That means that all of the usage of the remote over the years has finally taken enough of a toll that getting a new remote or having some repair done is the best course of action.

Circuit Board Concerns

A properly working opener will have its circuit board running smoothly, so when a problem develops in this area, installing a new board is probably the only way to get things back in working order. Handling the installation process of a new board is something that many people are either not equipped to deal with or simply don’t have the time to address, which means letting the professionals handle the job.

Power Surge

The periodic instance of a power surge is something that many people address when it comes to high-priced items like a computer or wide-screen television. That’s because the danger of the surge might end up destroying an expensive appliance.

While that could potentially occur with an opener, it’s more likely that the specific code that allows your device to work its magic has been scrambled because of the surge. Getting that back up and running can be tricky, given that newer openers have rolling codes that may be hard for the average homeowner to grasp. That’s why it makes so much sense to have this repaired by experienced personnel.

Wiring Issues

In some cases, a short in the wire that connects the button in the garage with the motor might be the cause. Another wire-related issue could be due to issues related to the safety sensors or even just the prospect of an exposed wire that inadvertently came loose.

All of the above circumstances dictate that professional garage door repair should be the next step. That’s because all of the possible considerations involved can make it a complicated process. In addition, safety issues could surface since this may be related to an electrical short.

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All Pro Door Repair has been handling garage door repair issues for residents of North Texas for more than 15 years. We’re ready to make sure that your garage door is working perfectly, so make sure to contact us if any issues come up.

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